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Enefit Guest Wood Pellets

Includes VAT and free delivery in most cases.
Please note: all orders are delivered on a pallet, kerbside to the property.


Our Enefit Guest Wood Pellet are here for a limited time only offering 65 bags per pallet. 


The Wood Pellets come in bags of 15kg each and are delivered on a pallet. 


Meaning a total pallet weight for 65 bags of 975KG. 

NCV: ≥ 4,8 kWh/kg
Ash: ≤ 0,7 %
Mechanical durability: ≥ 98,0 %
Moisture: ≤ 8%


Packaging may vary

Enefit Guest Wood Pellets

Out of Stock
  • £5.52 per 15KG bag / £368 per tonne

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